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College Square


College Square on Swanston Street

In the mid-90s the University of Melbourne identified that student housing would be a major component in its successful bid to attract international students on an ongoing basis. With this in mind they developed the internationally recognised College Square student accommodation model in Carlton. College Square on Lygon Street encompasses 690 student apartments built over three years in six separate stages. The site was opened by the Premier of Victoria in 2001. The success of this site motivated the University of Melbourne to embark on a second College Square, which became known as College Square on Swanston Street and was completed by the University and the developer Becton Corporation in 2007.

Glenn Brearley and Ashley Sinnott, now partners of Address Project Marketing, were instrumental in the marketing of these outstanding sites. They coordinated the sale of hundreds of apartments through multiple domestic and international intermediaries over the course of the development of these two sites.